Ian Alex Mac

I have been making music, non-professionally for many years. Although I did study music at A-Level in Secondary School I…

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Cues 2014 - Album

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aknightadrift Feb 21, 2015

I've never commented on anything here, but just discovered your awesome work and felt compelled. Fell in LOVE with "In Darkness." It also would be a perfect fit for my podcast - A Knight Adrift. You can check it out...

EvelyneHett Jan 08, 2015

Love Battle in the End. May we use this Track on commercial website? We made a Video Blog and like to use this great track on it. Send you also an e mail.

apexaction Jan 07, 2015

Your tracks are great, Ian. I am thinking of using a few of your tracks for videos/podcasts, and 'The Victory Ahead' is almost perfect for a latest news type of podcast I want to pursue.

sammylamby Jan 07, 2015

Hello Ian! I am currently working on a documentary-style project for my work place and fell in love with your track 'Uncertainty'. It fits perfectly. May I have your permission to use roughly a minute of it for the documentary's...