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I have been making music, non-professionally for many years. Although I did study music at A-Level in Secondary School I haven't had any teaching since then, and due to studying guitar and drums, everything you hear on this page using orchestral or synth instrumentation, I have had to learn myself through trial and error, and of course by listening to lots of music. I graduated with a degree in Film and Animation production, in 2005, and worked for many years as a cinema projectionist. I then worked in a secondary school, as a TA, for a few years before becoming
an anti-piracy agent for film, which is my current job.Before film school, I stayed in a small town, where I played in a punk band, writing a lot of the songs. Since graduating, I have scored several short films, and most recently I scored an hour long documentary about a Scottish American Football team! As well as making music I also enjoy writing, when I can find the time to, and am currently working on several short and feature film script ideas. 


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