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 Iad (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


LOCATION:Moscow, Russia
  • Olga Nosova (drums)
  • Anton Kolosov (bass)
  • Dmitry Peitsch (voice, sfx)
  • Motherfathers
«If Motherfathers claim that their growling sounds are the expression of extreme love songs, then Peich’s two offshoot ventures move squarely into a lustful brutality, if not something even more bestial in nature.» – by David MacFadyen, an editor of the Far From Moscow portal. We may only guess why
less than a year after releasing "Kolchak!" MOTHERFATHERS’ frontman Dmitry Peitsch launched at once two offshoot ventures. It’s very possible that going by different names just helped to book new gigs as MOTHERFATHERS had been blacklisted in many Moscow clubs by 2008. It can also be viewed as an attempt to systematize highly diverse materials that were stocked together under a single roof in an earlier stage. Anyway, while MOTHERFATHERS continued with the same line-up of Peitsch-Elizarov-Nosova, the replacement of Max Elizarov with bassist Anton Kolosov (from SYNCOPATED SILENCE and KOSTAREV GROUP) led to the formation of a new trio under the name IAD. It was still loud and noisy though in a stronger degree focused, structured and riff-rock dominated outfit whose songs recalled the marriage of late 60’s acid-rock (MC5, The Stooges, Blue Cheer) and early 80’s post-punk (Gang Of Four, PiL, The Birthday Party).


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01. Iad - Similac 00:05:13
02. Iad - Machine Code 00:03:56
03. Iad - Minimal 00:03:04
04. Iad - Discomfort 00:02:35
05. Iad - Lee 00:04:04
06. Iad - Virgin Song 00:05:08
07. Iad - Slow Fuck 00:02:54