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Hello. It's KHONNOR here. I'm a kid from Vermont who is swamped with homework and school! I'm really looking forward to college! My musical interests cover a broad range of styles, and I think this comes through in my music. I try to capture as much emotion as I can in the music that I make. Laugh. Cry. Tinkle. This is what i want you to feel from this Khonnor Experience! The story behind I, Cactus is very interesting. I, Cactus is from northern Ireland. As a child I, Cactus had no idea of the magical systems and televisions that were to be invented in the next few years. Throughout the prolific career of I, Cactus as a musician, I, Cactus worked with many bands, and experimented with unique songmaking techniques. I, Cactus was born with a rare disorder which causes colors to be seen specific to keys and tones in the musical scale. The work of I, Cactus is the result of experimentation in expanding the field of 8bit aesthetics. I, Cactus is getting caught up on all that was missed during childhood, and has only recently discovered computers and console entertainment systems. I, Cactus is over 79 years old.

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