Hunted Creatures

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HUNTED CREATURES is Ryan Emmett, Micah Pacileo, Amy Hoffmann and Darren
Myers. Formerly Emmett’s solo project, the addition of new players adds
more dimension and variety to the project’s original vision. They
perform partially composed improvisational electro-acoustic music that
moves between dream and nightmare. Video or other visual often
accompanies a live performance.  Hunted Creatures, from it’s
beginning over 4 years ago has performed in over 50 cities as far west
as Denver and as far south as Gainesville on tour with Mike Tamburo,
Tusk Lord and others. HC has performed gigs alongside Puffy Areolas,
Tumul, Sword Heaven, Emeralds, Melissa St. Pierre, Jenks Miller,
Caboladies, Peeesseye, Red Electric Rainbow, Pete Fosco, Blown Doors,
Grasshopper, Jana Hunter, Xiphiidae, Eric Carbonara, Layne Garrett,
Keenan Lawler, Xiphoid Dementia, Ratatosk, Shattered Hyman, Ophibre,
Jason Zeh, Teeth Collection and more including Cleveland’s Champagne of
Fests and the infamous Voice Of The Valley Festival.  Over 14
audio documents have been released on Emmett’s own Dynamo Sound
Collective label as well as OphSound, 905 Tapes, Different Lands and New
American Folk Hero and have received favorable press from Foxy
Digitalis, Mats Gustafsson’s Broken Face, Anti-Gravity Bunny, Breaking
World Records and Terrascope.