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 Humanfobia (5 Albums, 60 Tracks)


  • Sábila Orbe
  • Mist Spectra
  • Filmy Ghost
  • Yaka-anima
  • Humanfobia(II)
Here on the FMA you will find only "some" Humanfobia works. FOR FREE DOWNLOAD FULL HUMANFOBIA DISCOGRAPHY AND ALL THIS TRACKS IN BETTER QUALITY VISIT: or: *Humanfobia is: Sábila Orbe: sound programming, mixer, male vocals & Mist Spectra: Female vocals & visual support. [size= 12px]Humanfobia is
a Chilean computerized music project created by Sábila Orbe begin at the end of 2011 as a project of electronic experimental music, varies into a lot of genres like: dark ambient, noise, sound collage, glitch, witch house and others.[/size] [size= 12px][size= 12px]In early 2015 Humanfobia has a new member; Mist Spectra first as Visual Support and at the end of that year as Computerized Keyboardist.[/size][/size] [size= 12px] [/size] [size= 12px]Between 2016 to end of 2017 the project change into a dark noise, creepy, atmospheric sound with Sábila on vocals without language, using the voice like an instrument more. [/size] [size= 12px]Later in 2018 Mist Spectra becomes on the lead vocalist, adding lyrics on Spanish. The project returns to their initial sound more oriented to a dark electronic experimental, atmospheric ghostly noise. [/size]

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