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 Human Adult Band (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


  • T Penn- vox/bass
  • Chaz 'ii' Wetlands- lap steel / guitar
  • King Darves- drums/vox
  • Phil 'Top Gun' Connor-guitar
  • Justin Mank- sopranino recorder/organically tuned guitar/ vox
  • Tony Glazer- keys
Since 2002, the Human Adult Band has served as a vehicle of noisy, sludgy, beautiful rock'n'roll piloted by a Mr. Trevor Pennsylvania and a huge, revolving cast of local musicians. The group values spontaneity and vitality to a great degree and going off to several Human Adult Band shows always result in different, yet extremely rewarding experiences. Due to the changing line-up and gigantic amount of ideas in Mr. Pennsylvania's head, one can see the band as a giant, murky pool of ideas that always feel invigorating. [wfmu blog] Profile photo by Dan Cohoon.

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