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Hox Vox is an artist from Italy, a solo project with incredible range of styles from album to album, including electro, trip-hop, 8bit, jazz, world-fusion.

Hox Vox is a solo project started in '79, dead in '90 and born again in late 2008.
I had an acustic guitar, a mouthorgan, a flute and a cassette recorder during '77, so I started first experiments in the wake of Pere Ubu and Residents, my first cult bands, with predictably ridiculous results. Things went slowly better despite I was totally self-taught, no musicians in my family nor between friends. I was drawing a comic story about a mysterious Hoxerijo living planet in '77: the main character, except for the planet himself, was called Capt. Everybody, frendly called "the Hox" for being 24/7 in patrol service (a stakanovist druggy policeman). The nickname passed to me, and started to add a logo "Hox Vox" on my musicassettes , meaning that despite every cassette had a different band name (the Mockers, the Skyzophrenes, Gunshot and many others) they were made by "Hox".

Read more at Hox Vox's website, a very detailed bio with images and a timeline

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