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Automatic People- Manual Zombie by Homemade-LoFi-Psych

Album Description

2009 was a very good year for homemade lofi psych. There was a total of 217 posts. Lots of interesting and sometimes even excellent psychedelic, experimental, weird folk and electronic music found its way to yours truly, and it was a real pleasure to listen to it and post it.
And this is exactly the reason, why HLFP # 04 soon evolved into a double cd volume sampler, when I started to compile it.Nevertheless I decided to not include the more experimental, pure electronic and weird folk songs (albeit there were many great ones in each of these sub-genres) and to concentrate on the more "really" psychedelic tinged rock and pop oriented pieces. Of course there are lots of borderline cases, but then: What exactly is your definition of "homemade lofi psychedelic music" anyway? Well, ... Probably some extra volumes of HLFP-Samplers will follow in the (near?) future, that will focus on those mentioned sub-genres not featured this time. Anyway, I'm rather sure that you will enjoy HLFP 04 as much as I do...But enough talk for now. Sit back – it's time to listen and to surrender to the SOUND EXPLOSIONS!!!(HLFP)



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