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LOCATION:Paris, France
First release out for Holy Strays and its a hell of a tape on the always reliable Not Not Fun label, plus just one more reason that the French underground is becoming necessary to watch. Android drumbeats nestle under a humid cloud of synth pop squeezed with the rapid heart
of 80's soundtrack funk. Then, just as the pulse quickens the release seems to melt into a dystopian murk of beleaguered action sequence fallout; the kind that show the inner workings of a protagonist in exposition of their discomfortingly sad home life as a stark contrast to the rest of the film's hedonistic wrath. It would seem that Holy Strays use the Paul Verhoven action catalog as their template or at the very least their divining force, before dousing it in the flames of a post-millennial synth syrup. A well conceived first effort that begs what the band might delve into next. - Raven Sings the Blues