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 Holy Pain (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


LOCATION:Lyon, France
  • David, Christophe, Jimmy & Eduardo
According to a self-posted description: Early 2005, Lyon, France, saw the birth of a young band called Holy Pain. This quartet sailing then between an 90's Heavy-Speed Metal although modernized. This new band gave quickly birth to its first demo/album: Last Sigh (+11 000 download on Jamendo)was recorded in september 2005 at Laurent Nafissi's NSR Studio (Rhapsody of Fire, Alkemyst, Kragens, Breed Machine,...) in south of France. A suites of shows followed then and brought Holy Pain to a second record session at NSR Studios. The Following year, Holy Pain recorded its second album …Among Religions at NSR Studio and
was released in November 2008 with Pervade Production (Thundering records). this album is some kind of Speed-Power Metal keeping Holy Pain's touch, it's more mature in its composing and it's presaging the following albums as more violent and powerfull while remaining melodic. Rebellion is recorded at NSR Studio in October 2009 and released in March 2010 (always at Pervade Production). Most of Rebellion's reviews are just laudatory. After playing with bands like Firewind, Rotting Christ, The 69 Eyes, Holy Pain has matured enough to become important in metal scene as they've planed to do with their second Rebellion tour 2011 in Europe...


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