His Electro Blue Voice

From Lake Como, Italy. A post punk trio.

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Fog b/w Das 2010 - Album
Debut by Lake Como, Italy trio. Released on vinyl by S.S. Records in July 2007. Currently out of print.



2010 - Album


NartraRadioRoma Jun 07, 2010

www.nartraradioroma.blogspot.com Again su un Podcast di NARTRARADIOOMA, grazie raazzi saluti da Roma!! SPREAD THE GOOD MUSIC EVERYWHERE THANKS!!! Playlist NartraradioRoma vs All (Pt2): 01_Kendra Springer - Hope 02_Atomo 2.0 - Artificiale superficiale 03_Stan Kulley - Reality tv 04_Nothing people -...

NartraRadioRoma May 28, 2010

http://nartraradioroma.blogspot.com/2010/05/pod36mr-kocotnartraradioroma.html#comments Playlist NartraradioRoma vs All: 01_Bob Ostertag - eat dust (FMA) 02_CSC Funk Band - caneca (FMA) 03_Peter Sharp - come to me (Jamendo) 04_Absolute - night in Detroit (Jamendo) 05_Peter Sharp - why not? (Jamendo) 06_His Electro Blue Voice...