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 High Castle (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


  • Shaggy: drums/vox
  • Erin: guitar/vox
  • Wilson: bass/vox
"Once you decide to bring it, that's kinda the only way to go. The "You're on Your Own Way" EP is the debut record for the trio of Erin Allen (Child Pornography, Work), Shaggy Denton (Hips, Saboteurs), and Wilson Drozdowski (Duchesses, Woman's Worth), a culmination of songs road tested on
summer 2008 US tour and written post-New Year's hallucinations. Songs about garbage strikes, astral projection, lonely security guards, hedonism, dropping out, meditation, injustice, misplaced hearts...and more. In a short life span the band has played shows with such highlights of the American/Candian underground as Abe Vigoda, Shearing Pinx, Strip Mall Seizures, and USAISAMONSTER if that gives you an idea of their neighborhood." From their Facebook profile: