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Just as the clouds touch the ground 
Gianluca and Lorenzo, we write what we want to read, of these years 8 moments, years past, ours and of anyone who can. With no end nor purpose. Just the necessary.
Hide Out is Gianluca Lucchini (the Juniper Band, River of No): vocals, bass guitar, words, photos and all the rest. It’s Lorenzo Biagi (the Juniper Band, You Should Play in a Band): guitar, vocals, lyrics, pictures, drawings, and everything else. Hideout was born in 2013 and since then occupies a room in Bologna, through the words and the thoughts the walls are rife with. Hideout won’t live without the souls, the hands and the voices of those who gave birth and breath to it. It dodges any routine at making music, performing, acknowledging itself, seeming something else, being and playing a part. Hideout releases “As Clouds Touch the Ground” in 2016, recorded in that same room, finished at Vacuum Studios with Bruno Germano first, then Carl Saff in Chicago. With Hideout are Riccardo Occhionero and Zeus Ferrari on drums. Hideout is an imperfect creature, as all real and important things are. 

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