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 Het Gloren (1 Albums, 11 Tracks)


Het Gloren
LOCATION:Delft, Zuid-Holland Netherlands
“Actually I write all my songs at my walking speed. Wandering onwards. Sometimes it happens while cycling, that they come up, these twirls of ideas. Mostly it starts with one phrase, and I go on until it starts to make sense.” Floris Schrama has set foot on many stages in
the Netherlands in different settings as well as lonely troubadour. Now, there’s Het Gloren, a project in which he focuses completely on the Dutch language. Little sketch-like songs going hand in hand with grand musical gestures. Unexpected and original.A recurring theme is time and mostly the passing of it, as Floris is growing older each day (we all are, actually). He seems to downplay this fact with lyrics such as ‘Tomorrow is tomorrow is just another day.’ or ‘Things happen the way they do.’ And he’s right. Things happen the way they do. ‘Glorie 123′ has been recorded at the New Ground Studio in Utrecht. The album contains - amongst others - a ballad, a requiem and the sketch of a summer day. Love, people, that’s what it’s all about. For whatever. And a clear blue sky. - Beep Beep


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