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Hellvete is one of the three members who founded the Flemish Funeral Folk collective and a key figure of the satanadelic combo Sylvester Anfang II. Similar to the mothership, his solo work spans from folk-inspired guitar drones to minimalist keyboard esoterica. The significant difference is that his solo songs are more composed and less improvised. “De Gek” (meaning “The Fool”) is an epic trip through the different zones of the Hellvete Empire: layered guitar eruptions mix in with modern classical orchestration and dark folk tales. Influences such as Stephen R. Smith and Manuel Göttsching result in abstract sound narrations, that might just as well make one think of medieval folk or Rock In Opposition. On this debut LP all the aspects of what has been baptized the “Belgian dronevolkscene” culminate in an extraordinary exploration of the Self: a sonic exorcization of old demons and a return to the nostalgic peace of the country side. “De Gek” is a new interpretation of the modern psychedelic idylle. The Rochefort 10 of the new Belgian guitar folk tradition.

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