Heftone Banjo Orchestra

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The Heftone Banjo Orchestra performs old-time, ragtime, cakewalks, marches, and other Dawn of the 20th Century works played with vigor on banjo-mandolins, banjo-ukuleles, banjo-guitars, and banjo-bass. Brian Thomas Hefferan, Conductor and Principal Banjoist.
The InstrumentsGibson banjo ukulele - Loud and bright, three of these finger-pick the lead on all the tunes in the Music Box Rag project.Slingerland banjo ukulele - used for rhythm. Its old original skin head gives it a wonderfully rickety tone.Gretsch banjo ukulele - A clear-sounding banjo uke used for fingerpicking the lead on Ragtime Annie & Epley Breakdown.Vega banjo mandolin - two of these play the lead on most numbers in the Ta-ra-ra-Boom-de-ay project.Gibson banjo mandolin- One of each pair of strings is tuned down an octave, which gives this banjo a distinctive, never-exactly-in-tune croaking sound. Two of these second the lead on most numbers in the Ta-ra-ra-Boom-de-ay project.Lyon & Healy five-string banjo - Nylon-strung. Fingerpicked on Buffalo Gals, strummed on Epley Breakdown.Gibson banjo guitar - Big brother of the Gibson banjo mandolin. It fills out the ensemble sound.Heftone Lojo(tm) bass banjo - The invention of my father Lawrence A. Hefferan.

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