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LOCATION:Castellón, Spain
Heezen is Raül Fuentes. He's a non-musician from the city of Castello in the east of Spain. As he told me, Eno was a non-musician. Erik Satie also didn't study it. Raül extracts the technique of sampling old vinyl-records from Hip Hop and combines it with minimal synthesizer- and guitar-loops, a lot of bizarre found-sounds, fragments of vocals and a few drops of psychedelica. there's some kind of strange Musique Concrète-atmosphere in his tracks that makes me think of late 60's Avant-Garde films and ambiguous surrealists like René Magritte, Man Ray or chief-collagist Max Ernst. His loops are like spirals
of fireworks that interfere with each other to build new patterns of sounds and melody. Heezen created a dark sparkling gem of electroacoustica. His influences are legion, but due to his abilities as a sound-designer and songwriter, he managed to destillate them all in highly conclusive compositions that never forget about a certain amount of catchyness and, yeah, emotionality. - 12rec.


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Secret Speech
01. Heezen - Lastre 00:03:29
02. Heezen - Fractura 00:04:50
03. Heezen - Pirotecnia 00:05:12
04. Heezen - Martin De Vivies 00:05:49
05. Heezen - Secret Speech 00:04:30
06. Heezen - Le Cannard 00:03:19
Heezen - Secret Speech