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 Hazardous Guadalupe (3 Albums, 58 Tracks)


H.G. performing live at Central Avenue Memorial, Albany, NY.  August 27, 2003.
H.G. live at Sidebar, Baltimore, May 19, 2007.
LOCATION:Baltimore, MD
ACTIVE:2003 - 2008
  • Timothy Carrot
  • Marlo Eggplant
  • Brain Mucus
We started Hazardous Guadalupe here in our hometown of Baltimore in the summer of 2003 for the sole purpose of filling a slot for Arrington de Dionyso's first Baltimore show. We had originally planned on calling ourselves the Zoo Goalies (a Scrabble cut-up) until certain visual symbols for an auto
hazard and the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to us simultaneously during one of our travels. For instrumentation, we purchased an incredibly crappy kiddie drum kit from a pawn shop. It was actually Marlo's birthday present too. I had a ridiculously detuned electric guitar with a cracked neck that prevented it from staying in any standard tuning. We had named it "the jellybean". We jammed together with said instrumentation in our kitchen and the classic HG sound was instantly born. We put out 3 full length releases on our label Spleencoffin, did some compilations, toured a couple of times, played lots of shows between 2003-2005, enjoyed occasional college/hipster radio rotation, all the while being practically unknown and seldom invited to play shows in our home town. Being geographically separated for much of 2006-2008, we released our last CDR in 2007, did a handful of shows and then finally fizzled out in the summer of 2008. We are survived by our other projects, among them Blakk Sweat, Decapitated Hed, Marlo Eggplant, Napdance, and Kreace Peeps. Thanks to all who supported us on tour and locally, too too many of you to mention here. MySpace, 5/20/09


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