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 Haram (1 Albums, 1 Tracks)


  • Mike – Guitar
  • Nader – Vocals
  • Martin – Bass
  • James – Drums
Released on Toxic State Records, the band’s most recent album entitled “What Do You See?” is a four-track sequel to their 2015 Demo. According to Tim Scott of Noisey, the album features “agitated and dystopian punk influenced by Japanese hardcore.”  In the same interview with Khubiar, Habibi claims that Haram indicates “an unceasing fight against racial abuse and humiliation, the unimaginable massacres of our world, past and present. For the disadvantaged, the people of color, the transgendered, the homosexual, the abandoned, the orphaned, the impoverished, the wrongfully executed. The victims of war, the bullet-ridden, the barrel-bombed and chemically gassed. Those
in mourning, those in despair.”  If theres one universal benefit of listening to music, it is that it can help unite those dealing with oppression and marginalization. Habibi has fortunately found a way of coping through the success of his up-and-coming band.  Habibi concludes by telling Khubiar that “everything about Haram is haram. This is my fight and I am a proud Harami- stop me if you can.” [source]