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The Free Music Archive wanted to wish Creative Commons a Happy 10th Birthday with a song. But there's…

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WFMU and the Free Music Archive challenged songwriters everywhere to unseat “Happy Birthday to You” from its cultural…


2012 - Album


AppleBerry Blues Aug 05, 2016

Thanks for having this contest and compiling this great list of birthday songs. I look forward to seeing if one of these becomes popular enough to overtake the popularity of "Happy Birthday to You" And thanks to all the artists...

jamesbrunner Jun 25, 2013

Sounds not totally foreign, yet not totally familiar, guess that's what "fusion" really means.

milanamarty Jun 21, 2013

Great album! Great music!

andrea Feb 21, 2013

Our winners have been announced here: Their songs appear under "Disc 1" up top.