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HILOTRONS are the pride of Ottawa, cranking out a string of power pop hits since 2003. The 5-piece band is peerless in their ability to walk onto the stage in any town or city, face an audience of strangers, and by the 3rd song have them in a sweat, eating out of their hands.

Their two early albums (2003’s HILOTRONS and 2006’sBella Simone) earned them a very devoted following across the country and beyond, despite limited touring and distribution. In 2008, the band unleashedHappymatic, a step up both in production and songwriting, but no less sweaty.
Frantic melodies fuelled by driving keys/synths, steady-tight drums, trebly/tremlo’d guitars and rump-roasting bottom ends are the HILOTRONS’ specialty. Though they’ve been compared to Talking Heads, Devo and Talk Talk, what HILOTRONS do have in common with these bands is an ability to bottle the good elements of a number of musical traditions (in the HILOS’ case: funk/soul, new wave, Asian pop) and uncork something fresh and exciting.

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