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Hi-Voc by Gwilly Edmondez

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Kitchen Shrink was originally released in 2001 on Kakutopia’s now-deleted 50-title imprint Unsound Automatic.   The original liner notes read thus:   It was recorded unto the kitchen at Kakutopia York in May and June 2001 onto a Sony TCM-20DV (sex), using a Tech Sound Tie-Clip Mic (sex), performing on a Casio
SK-5 (dubble-sex), bought    for    two    quid    at a   car-boot    sale    (midnite store).   The music in itself was made to serve as a muzak for today’s generation upward and downward agents – a daily soundtrack for the ins and outs of everyday existence, as well as a small tonic to overcome the pressures of job and subjugation. (Which is, quite frankly, none of my fucking business).   Tracks 2 and 6 use samples from the album No Rats Aboard This Ship by Pence 11 (Middle-Class Records 1999). Percussion samples on track 1 created and donated by Luno EdLandez.   Special mention and thanks, within context of this particular Unsound Automatic release, are shouted out to the following 2001 leaders of a very modern age: Tony Gage, Makim B Circe, Sonic Pleasure, Pence 11, Fenland Hi-Brow, Bruco Lava, An Ordinary Woman in her 50s, and Luno.



08. Gwilly Edmondez - Hi-Voc 00:02:56

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