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Foxing the Gridz
Gustav Thomas began making music with Nintendo Gameboys in 2001, using the first version of Oliver Wittchow's Nanoloop ( He has recorded and performed using most versions of Nanoloop since, as well as producing tracks on a PDA using Bhajis Loops.Soul Anus, Gustav's first completed full-length album (posted at FMA)
was made using Nanoloop 1.3, perhaps the meanest and least flexible of all its incarnations. The album exists in three different versions: an internet edition (posted here); a free hardcopy edition, available at various UK record stores (see the myspace blog for updates of CDR drops -; and an ICMuS Hub edition, available from the Gustav Thomas audio page at -  Gustav is a regular contributor to the ICMuS Hub at UK's Newcastle University ( any contact or requests, please write: