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Sadness by Gurdonark

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Classwar Karaoke
Classwar Karaoke
Producer: Classwar Karaoke
Engineer: Classwar Karaoke
This time, dear reader, array upon our binary-to-binary, upon our ergo anon.; then ditto, lux ditto, on and on, till... das alte ist gut erhalten, or polis, at any rate.... In essence: thirty-two souls, rejoindering. Some are touristic. Some sing cemetery songs around their sick-beds. Some narc. Some arch. Others hairshirt by accretion; alining as orison, muniment, klaxon, or as Fibonacci improv, or as Progtronica, purgative and double-caste, in Delian red-nose. So, welcome please.... 0011 survey of Classwar Karaoke... 6 or 7: Hopek Quirin: drum machine and radio; mixed and mastered by Jacki Engelken and Hopek Quirin Akoustik Timbre Frekuency:
Energised Enthusiasm / Length: 8m10s / Processed Instrumentation inkludes: Bubble Wrap, Singing Bowls, Konch Shell, Splash & China Cymbals, Piano, Vokals and Tom Drum / Thee komposition was rekorded using a Neumann KU81 binaural dummy head. Use headphones whilst listening for thee proper effektÖIt is named after thee Aleister Crowley ìLiber DCCCXIî which deals with various ideas and praktikalities of Sex Akoustik Timbre Frekuency mainly fokuses on kreating elektro-akoustik kompositions that are designed for Ritual usage, no matter what path thee praktitioner may follow. These have been labelled as ëGeneral Ritual Intensifiersí and are designed to augment thee Gnostik experience. Various Ritual Instruments from around thee world are utilised within these rekordings. Field rekordings are also inkorporated within thee kompositions which kan range from graveyards to nature parks, from sewers to tree tops. These akoustik rekordings are interwoven with synthesised and sampled material to kreate an evokative environment for thee listener to use as they see fit. It is a Sonik / Artwork by Ambient Fabric: The track "Ritual"...made with drums,percussions,pads/synths and found sounds..... Ampersand: Formed in 2001 in South London, Ampersand can trace their early influences back to This Heat, Throbbing Gristle, and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Equally important were experimemtal bands from the eighties i.e Test Dept, Einsturzende Neubauten, SPK and Zoviet France. Gamelan and Sufi music are also a big influence. However, Ampersand donít do songs in the traditional manner, they gather a collection of sounds and improvise creating sonic sculptures/noise scapes that last between 30 and 45 mins. All noises are acoustic and feature piano carcasses, shell casings, corrugated iron, flaming scaffold and malfunctioning electronics and other eccentricities. Sounds mesh together creating multifaceted timbral music that is complex and compelling. Live is where Ampersand is best experienced. The listener is invited to immerse himself or herself, on a sometimes harrowing journey of inner discovery. / Anton Mobin: 18 speakers in Passage Choiseul... Unprocessed field recording captured in Paris on April, 1st, 2010, during the installation of 18 speakers in Le Passage Choiseul, for the opening of the Black Mass Rising ceremony. Along 190 meters, Colin Johnco in the underground gallery (photo) put a speaker in each air vent and Anton Mobin in surface with a crowbar and metal wires fix each speakers. Aunt Benny: Recorded at Mud Pat Farm, 16th of July 2010, by A. Beentjes / D. Cunliffe Autotistic: A prEttYy nuGgET foR thE cOmiNgG oF AuTuMmn Ayato and Anton Mobin: Crash Duo... A meeting between two friends since a long time. It can be light, hard, heavy, soft, hot or cold, but always accidental and spontaneous! This piece is a part of a live act in radio Canut in Lyon in december 2009. Ayato and Anton Mobin arise from the collective H.A.K. Both are authors of many releases on H.A.K. LO-FI RECORD. Created in 2001, H.A.K. is a variable-geometry collective which combines more of 80 artists in France and Belgium. H.A.K. LO-FI RECORD is a label of independent music, as well as a group of sound researches wondering at the same moment about the sound spaces in term of politeness or plastic installations, and on the various manners to practice Sound today. Special thanx to Amir & HAK crew for support (us)! Beentjes Donovan Johnco: We offer you an unprocessed excerpt from a live improvisation recorded at Mud-Pat-Farm, Northern England, on 6th August 2010, by Adrian Beentjes, Anthony Donovan and Colin Johnco. Bryan Lewis Saunders and Audra Dawn Fleming: I can't recall the womb yet I existed, if the same befalls the tomb why resist it? Chevo LÈgÈ: l'anachronique satisfaction de la mortÖ devancer sa profÈrationÖ narines volontairement dilatÈes, en passant devant ce clochardÖ le regard : un rempart contre l'imagination, ‡ moins d'avoir la vue dupliceÖ ce monde Èlectrique exhale une clartÈ sourde et compacteÖ des gaz noirs qui annulent bientÙt toute lumiËreÖ recrÈer une mer pour l'habiter en poissonÖ derriËre tout Áa, le processus invisible et permanent de la dÈcomposition et du renouvellementÖ on voit bien que la notion mÍme d'espace tri-dimensionnel devient caduque : comment, par les seules lois physiques rÈgissant nos observations & mouvements quotidiens, expliquer des dÈplacements dont la trajectoire Èchappe ‡ notre perception ? Öquand on a dÈj‡ l'esprit "obscur" et qu'on cherche ‡ "obscurcir" davantage le sens des choses, parvient-on ‡ plus de "clartÈ"? Collectif Sin~ is a working group of four young artists (Erwan Evin, Quentin Caille, Paul Bordeau and Flavien Berger who work in sound and visual media, the way to build it and also experience it. We use, installation and analogic bug to create a talking machine with tv screen or oscilloscope; we try to find a way to make them into being, to create a situation of contemplation about the way the machines languages react when they are in confrontation. To find new doors and new places for a contemporary psychedelic and vibrational experiences. We began and continue to work on the confrontation of public installation and experimental sound in concert. All students of art or design and life, we use our collectif like a laboratory, an elemental bank of sound, plastic and visual matter. We participated at the Black Mass Rising festival 2010 and continue to work under Colin Johnco production and collaboration. On this way, we worked with Prison Food Sucks, TrinitÈ and Farewell Poetry. collectif sin~ 2010 Connor Donovan Packer: Recorded live & improvised with no post-production at Radio Black Forest, Birmingham, England on 14th August 2010. Will Connor: percussion and things; Anthony Donovan: bass, electronics and objects; Neil Packer: guitar, electronics and objects. Denis McCarty: Denis Mc Carty. Uncopyrighted zones. Recorded at "Chuck a Luck", august 2010, (Lyon, Fr). Turntable double arm's, foot sampler, special headshell's. Investigated zones: TI NA KANO (end groove), JUDAS PRIEST (paper Label) and SIDNEY BECHET (crumpled groove). EHEIM 1000.220 with PAS: Es war nicht das, was sie denken, dass es war nicht das, was sie Projekt Die Blumen wurden blume die Skys wurden blau Es war nicht die Art, zu senden sie es war nicht die Art, zu zeigen Es war anders als in den meisten aber die meisten ist nicht sinnvoll Die meisten ist hohl die weniger hat S‰ttigung s‰ttigungs ist Realit‰t / It was not what you think, It was not what you project, The flowers were blume, The skys were blue, It wasn't the type to send, It wasn't the type to show, It was different then most, But the most isn't meaningful, The most is hollow, The less has saturation, Saturation is reality. Gurdonark: Gurdonark [Robert Nunnally] hails from Allen, Texas in the USA. His Creative Commons releases serve as the soundtrack to over 500 on-line video releases. In 2009, he served as co-moderator for a sound installation, 'The White Cube Remix', at the Ram Galleri in Oslo, in which 68 sound artists from 19 countries participated to create an installation comprised of 94 tracks, all based off sound samples created by Gurdonark and his co-moderator, Sackjo22. Gurdonark's work has been featured on public radio in Canada and the US, in a Dutch teleplay, and in the festival animated short 'Magnum Farce', for which he wrote the soundtrack. He co-owns the netlabel 'Negative Sound Institute'. His work has appeared in numerous compilations, all for free download under Creative Commons licenses. He is active in the ccMixter Creative Commons community. Gurdonark's latest release is 'Butterflies of North Texas', a set of images he captured and songs they inspired, all displayed for free download under Creative Commons licenses at: Gurdonark returns to Classwar Karaoke 0011 survey, after appearing on Classwar Karaoke 0010 survey. Gurdonark morphs and sequences a simple ocarina to create an instrumental mediation about 'Sadness'. I'm Not Scared of Becky Taylor: Low explosive pyrotechnic for aesthetic and entertainment purposes / David Cunliffe: drums, Adrian Beentjes & Cassidy: voices, firework, Colin Johnco: machines, firework / 3 August 2010, Wigan, UK Jonas Ruchenhever: Eye moves tongue. Zwachtelkop. Juan Antonio Nieto: Juan Antonio Nieto is a sound artist who signs some of his works under the name of Pangea. His records have been published in labels around the world as Trente Oiseaux, Mandorla, Experimedia, Impulsive Habitat, suRRism-Phonoethics, Idiosyncratics, TestTube AMP, among others. Juan Antonio Nieto has collaborated with some prestigious avant-garde artists, Brazilian classical composer Leo Alves Vieira working with string quartets and choirs, the Japanese author Kenji Siratori who has voiced his compositions and David Velez, this latter release was considered the best album of 2007 by the journal Earlabs. His music has been included in art installations in the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid and the Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires. Juan Antonio Nieto (Pangea )has performed in various European and American countrys. Kalistongue: Still trying to find a solution to the absurd without recourse to the obvious. Lezet: Reflecting a total ism renders the symmetry obsolete. And Neuroticism it avails. At least it availed myself of the opportunity. Macu: Quest...using bow played guitar, vocals and the processed sound of paper. Noise Research: [...] One Minute Wanda: We plough the fields and scatter, The good seed on the land, But it is fed and watered By God's almighty hand: He sends the snow in winter, The warmth to swell the grain, The breezes and the sunshine, And soft, refreshing rain. Refrain: All good gifts around us Are sent from heaven above; Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord, For all his love. He only is the maker Of all things near and far; He paints the wayside flower, He lights the evening star; The winds and waves obey him, By him the birds are fed; Much more to us, his children, He gives our daily bread. We thank thee then, O Father, For all things bright and good, The seed time and the harvest, Our life, our health, our food. Accept the gifts we offer For all thy love imparts, And what thou most desirest, Our humble, thankful hearts. Refrain: All good gifts around us Are sent from heaven above; Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord, For all his love... We had a good harvest this year, didn't we?(Matthias Claudius (1740 ñ1815)) Pythagora & Pilectro: ìPythagoraî and ambient electronic project from Malmˆ Sweden join forces on this one with Pierre Sjˆbring (Pilectro) the duo also is responsible for The Side Effect project on suRRism-Phonoethics Ruela Pinho: Hell channel 13 presents Devil Song (3:11). This short film addressing to the repetitive nature of life with all the fears and feelings it implies. Experimental short film somewhere between music video, computer animation and art, with real footage and 3D animation.Sound Inhaler and Ericka Ryder: Hereís 1 4 the Revolution! Hereís 1 4 the Revolution! Hereís 1 4 the Revolution! Hereís 1 4 the Revolution! Hereís 1 4 the Revolution! Hereís 1 4 the Revolution! Hereís one for the Revolution! Which Revolution? Whoís Revolution? Continual Revolution? Dead End Revolution? Inspiring Revolution? At what Price Revolution? Personal Revolution? Revolting Revolution? Failed Revolution? Keep on looking for a spark of revolution. The Sound Inhaler Proletariat is Jeff Potter and Ericka / suRRism: Frater Surrallee, undRess Béton & Baron von Nichts / ActXXI / You are SuRRelevance & Me / I am a black man in reverse but my white is urban trash. Mein Cis ist ausgecist cause I am a lover of modulation. With spraying looks I complete my folder. I am so your I I I I I I and you are my who. Repeat your SuRRelevance. Ixpect tremolo in insane tradition. Cause I am spitting & drummering, igniting mother¥s chain reaction, wearing her skirt. I am a photographer of my mirror - possessed by the same as me. It is the end of red thoughts. I am a spicy Hermes inside. My hair grows backwards. My skin is a surface for your future. It is your repetition. Sweetie: Sweetie is the solo noise / ambient / drone / other project of D. Knowler (The Infinite Three, Cindytalk, Leisure Hive...) and has existed since 1997. A beautiful swan drowning in a lake of pigs. Found sound, analogue tapes, (un)controlled feedback, automatic writing, uneducated synthesis, incorrect use of samplers, etc The Thud Experiment: Old friends who still enjoy music making; Jack Derbyshire, David Cunliffe, and Noel Kidd / Continuing our collaborative and exploratory journey we give for your appreciated attention 'Rumbledethumps', an unhurried trip and a hopefully meditative beneficial experience. 'Tell me what you see, i love to compare notes' :) Regards and wishing you well, 'The Thud Experiment' Tvlasunor: [...] Zilmrah: Track What The Thunder Said / Instruments: 18 string Guitar Wheel, Oscillators, Samplers, Effects, Voices, Contact mics on common household objects / The title of this track pays homage to the Marshall Mcluhan book War & Peace In The Global Village.creditsreleased 31 August 2010 Akoustic Timbre Frekuency, Ambient Fabric, Ampersand, Anton Mobin, Autotistic, Ayato, Beentjes, Donovan, Packer, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Audra Dawn Fleming, Chevo Légé, Johnco, Denis McCarthy, EHEIM 1000.220, PAS, Gurdonark, D. Cunliffe, Jonas Ruchenhever, Juan Antonio Nieto, Kalistongue, Lezet, Macu, Noise Research, One Minute Wanda, Pythagora, Pilectro, 6 or 7, Sweetie, Tvlasunor, Zilmrah



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