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 Guitar Lightnin Lee and His Thunder Band (2 Albums, 6 Tracks)


LOCATION:New Orleans, LA
ACTIVE:1997 - 2011
  • Guitar Lightnin Lee - vocal, guitar, harmonica
  • Paul - drums
  • Todd - guitar
  • Marvin - bass
"Guitar Lightnin' Lee, a multi-talented rhythm and blues purist, has defied all rational logic by assembling his band with a bunch of veteran rock and rollers half his age. His talent, lyrics, powerfull voice, and boisterous personality match perfectly with his backup band. Thus, creating a supercharged blown out style
of New Orleans rock and roll and blues. The youthful exuberance from all members, expecially Lightnin', keeps the music exciting and gives it the vibrance it had in it's heyday." -Guitar Lightnin Lee


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