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Greg Malcolm at the Institue of Modern Art, Brisbane
LOCATION:Christchurch, NZ
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Greg Malcolm is one of those artists who plays in a league of his own. Since the start of his musical career, now more then 10 years ago, Malcolm has composed, performed and recorded music for short films, theatre, produced radio art works for Radio New Zealand and has released CDs including Trust Only This Face and What is it Keith?, and Surfing USSR (a surf klezmer band) as well as being featured on many other CDs and LPs including International Domestic (with Tetuzi Akiyama). In 1996 Malcolm fled from New-Zealand to Berlin because he risked persecution for the critics
he had on the New-Zealand media. In Germany Malcolm was granted Artist Refugee Status Entry (ARSE) so he could stay in Berlin and work at the avant-garde squat "Anorak". In 1998 the political climate in New-Zealand changed and Malcolm could return to his homeland. Back home Malcolm started his solo guitar project. For that project he developed his own guitar, which took him over 2 years building it. The guitar has pick-ups attached in such a way as to enable him to turn up sounds that are generally avoided such as guitar body noise, the sound of the string vibrating towards the nut, scrapes, etc... In addition to the rebuild guitar, he also uses 2 floor guitars. One is played by his foot and is used for percussion, the other one is played with an e-bow or several mini-fans to create drones and extra noises. Playing all 3 guitars at once Malcolm creates a hypnotic sound of evolving melodies, built upon layered drones, In 2002 the project resulted in the cd The Homesick For Nowhere and was released on the famous Corpus Hermeticum label.   -Kraak



Swimming In It LP