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Ten Locations Along Hunter Creek

Album Description

This is taken from addenda- a web based forum for participants of the seasonal performance series, in which a new project is presented each month with visual and / or audio works. Greg Davis' describes these tracks in his own words: "december 25th, 2004.   This past holiday i went to
central arizona to be with my family. my parents have a cabin type house in the mountains of the tonto national forest. on christmas day, i went for a hike along hunter creek, not far from our house, and took these recordings along the way. it was a beautiful, sunny day. about 55-60 degrees fahrenheit. all of the snow and ice was melting which made for good water recordings. the photo was taken nearby the creek." (via addenda)


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Ten Locations Along Hunter Creek
01. Greg Davis - location 1 00:03:01
02. Greg Davis - location 2 00:02:19
03. Greg Davis - location 3 00:02:01
04. Greg Davis - location 4 00:02:02
05. Greg Davis - location 5 00:01:29
06. Greg Davis - location 6 00:01:35
07. Greg Davis - location 7 00:02:15
08. Greg Davis - location 8 00:02:16
09. Greg Davis - location 9 00:01:31
10. Greg Davis - location 10 00:02:04
UPLOADED: 08/02/2010

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