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fisher by Greenbeam & Leon

Album Description

greenbeam & leon are two young fellas from georgia known for vivacious dj performances and twisted techno tunes. after barem played in their hometown of tbilisi, he became friends with the duo. he then suggested to the rest of the unfoundsound crew that greenbeam & leon could offer a nice
release for the label. and because their music is simply dope-ass, the decision was simple. on empty city ep, you get four tracks of psychedelic, party-pumpin’ jammy-jams -- ranging from dubby noodle-ism to funked-up ticka-ticka-ticka good-times(!), doused with cleverly subtle sound-play and frolicsome surprises. so bounce, bounce, y’all! submerge your anxiety-ridden head and pleasantly malnutritioned body into the techno sounds of greenbeam & leon! -from unfoundsound