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Grant can be found online at and, and in the flesh somewhere in peninsular America. He is a family man. He has a CD for sale at CD Baby. He does not kill for sport.About his song Follow My Signs, Grant writes: I'm not sure if this song
is spOOOOooooOooky enough on the face of it, but it's about the Zodiac Killer. Who's a pretty spooky guy. They never caught him, you know. And it does have dueling dissonant accordions in it, so there's that going for it. The sample at the beginning is John Wayne Gacy talking to a 17-year-old boy named Jason Moss, who grew up to write a book about his unusual relationship with the Killer Clown. So, not related to the Zodiac in anything other than a thematic way. All they really want is love, you know. -- gsource: profile on Oddio Overplay