Granpa Abela

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Lucas ‘Granpa’ Abela
Formerly known as Justice Yeldham, Granpa is the new persona for maverick Australian free noise musician Lucas Abela. The difference between the two are subtle, Abela still performs on shards of broken glass turned into crude musical instruments. Played by pursing his lips against the panes and vibrating them using vocal techniques akin to throat singing crossed with raspberries, creating an erratic array of strangely controlled, while oddly musical, cacophonous noise. While Yeldham is centered on ecstatic pure improvisation often resulting in maniacal performances, Granpa is an attempt to rein in the instrument and take it in a more musical direction. Abela also hopes the change might help to dispel the negative connotations his bloody forays as Yeldham have created, the blood for some overshadowing a truly unique musical output. However this transformation is far from complete Yeldham being the Hyde to Granpa’s Jekyll, occasionally taking over his subconscious.

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