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This Is the News

Album Description

by Dave Merson-Hess
by Dave Merson-Hess
Good Old Neon is Michael Philip Smith and Jeff Lee both formerly of Up Up Down Down. Jim Lee provides additional guitar. They are joined on some tracks by former bandmate Jen Gwiazdowski, who is especially soulful on "The Age of Mechanical Reproduction." Apart from a Radiohead cover, all the songs on the album were composed by Michael and Jeff. Their songwriting process is created to drive them to try new things and to offer them some direction. Here verbatim are some of their composition rules for this album. Write a song with a house beat. Write a song in
12-bar blues. Write a song in 5/4 meter. Write a song using only guitar noises as percussion. Write a song using Electroplankton as the primary instrument. Mike must write a song using a sample provided by Jeff. The above, but vice-versa. Mike and Jeff must write different songs using the same sample. Write a song based on a theme provided by the Postmodern Essay Generator. Write a song to accompany the pre-climax work montage of an episode of The A-Team. The album is also available in its entirety from the band's official website. Cover art is by Esther Luc (maze and robot) and by Dave Merson-Hess whose music is also presented here at the WFMU Free Music Archive.


UPLOADED: 12/27/2009
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