Golden Blondes

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The Golden Blondes are a Seattle based Rock trio that bloomed in late
summer, of the year 2010. Composed of former Lillydale
singer/songwriter Josie Markiewicz, PITFRC founder David Lopez, and Shim
bassist/beast-master Micah Simler. They are exceptionally smart,
terribly good looking, and ridiculously talented. Everyone wants to book
them for all the best shows! Their fan base consists of young,
attractive women who tip bartenders too much. They smell good even
without showering and have really soft, supple skin.
When I'm looking for "the next big thing", I think Golden and Blonde.
Honestly, I can't wash the thought of them out of my head! I dream of
them nightly, and upon awakening, am filled with a glittery bliss that
lasts throughout the day, holds me in its arms, and sings me to back to
sleep. They will be everyone's best friends everywhere, all the time,
for eternity!

-Jane Seymour