Ghostly Dust Machine

my holy trinity of inspiration: J Dilla Nujabes DJ Krush currently soaking up: Nina Simone - Verve Jazz Masters #17…

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Bad Panda #79 2011 - Album



Macules Mar 07, 2013

Yep a fantastic track, used it to cover an orientation video on truncation for students at CPIT in New Zealand. More of this kind of thing, sir!

Thanks for the killer track "Ode to a baby snowstorm". It was perfect in my video of our poach long board run of the soon to open rt 9 bypass near Charles Town WV January 29th 2012. Check it out...

imaginaire Jun 24, 2011

Dark and atmospheric, a sort of beatiful bastard love child of Portishead and Rob Dougan.

JoeAMedia May 29, 2011

Great track!