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Odds 'n' Ends by Gerbil Church

Album Description

Gerbil Church
Producer: William Hellfire
Engineer: Various

Scott George Beattie AKA Agent 78 - Lead Vocals, Guitar

William Hellfire - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Notes on this compilation by William Hellfire

Moonshine Magnet (24 tk version) produced By Tom Adams and the class of 1993 Philly Institute of the Arts

The only recording Gerbil Church did which was NOT lo-fi.

We had this cool cat jazz drummer Bobbie Diamond who was 'mental', we only practiced with him once before the trip to Philly and he blew us away, brought a whole new dynamic to the band and the song.  A sort of clear and elevated peak for Gerbil Church, a glimpse of light outside the dark basements and legion halls we were used too.

I remember the teacher forced us to use compression and Scottie's guitar was a little out of tune so he pushed some ‘chorus effect’ on us...

Very lucky to have found this lost gem and lucky my dying tape deck could squeak out the recording at all as the tape seems to be disintegrating.  The first encode came out as if played under water.  The second garbled in the center and this one...well this one is high and dry.  Tape heads ignite and dig in now.  

Moonshine Magnet is a Love song for a bicycle, written by the asphalt sailor who rode in grace on his aluminum horse.

Speak Slowly and Smile

Little heard Gerbil Church 4 tk recording.  Engineered by William hellfire

Black Beauty

Hotel Song


All three recorded by frank on 4 tk. Live to tape ‘as is’ mix down. Dig.


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Odds 'n' Ends
03. Black Beauty (02:53)
04. Hotel Daddy (05:30)
05. Scat (04:48)
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