General Fuzz

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ames Kirsch (or JimmyK) grew up in Newton, MA, playing classical piano and absorbing everything from Suzanne Ciani to Metallica. He attended Oberlin college in Ohio, hoping to further his musical horizons at their prestigious conservatory. Disillusioned by the competitive nature of their classical music program, he stumbled upon the electronic music program (TIMARA) in the conservatory basement and never looked at sheet music again. This coupled with discovering the magic of Orbital and jamming in bands widened his musical appetites immensely. The arrival of software which virtualized an electronic music studio was cleverly aligned with his ejection into the "real world" of San Francisco. Unsatisfied with the popular consensus that electronic music = techno, General Fuzz was born. Hatched, really.
Five albums have been composed and produced over the last nine years, all of which can be freely downloaded from this spiffy website. If you listen to them in order, you may discover the evolution of a musician coupled with the advancement of software technology. Or you might zone out to the point of hallucination. Either way, it's a win-win.

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