Live In the Men's and Women's Room

Gang Wizard / Yellow Swans

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Released Jan 09, 2009
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Recorded Live In the Men's and Women's bathrooms at the Placebo in Arcata, CA in 2004. A split with Gabe and Pete of Yellow Swans. When life hands you a mysterious night in a punk rock venue by the ocean, what do you do? You play acoustic sets in the men's and women's restrooms! Gang Wizard (on this recording) is Brian, Jake and Rob, in the men's restroom, howling something about lobsters and BMX bikers, with banjo and water sounds, plus thunder-lavatoric drums; it is ludicrous in the same way that the universe is ludicrous. D. Yellow Swans is Gabe and Pete, in the women's restroom, throat-singing and setting off burglar alarms, their stun-wave electrosound desiccated and situated among water and echoey tiles; it has its own logic in the way that the universe has its own logic. A co-release with Deathbomb Arc and (Collective) Jyrk.(-via Jake's website)

Genre Noise