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 Gang Wizard (4 Albums, 17 Tracks)


LOCATION:Los Angeles, CA
  • Kevin Shields, Tape Mountain, J Anderson and S Brooks, Celesteville
"For some reason, we still think of Gang Wizard as a band with its basic thrust in punk muddery. Why this continues to be our sad lot I dunno. 'Cause their new split eponymous LP with Algebrassiere (Black Bean and Placenta/Breath Mint/Deathbomb Arc/etc) is a gush of air that is
free from all known styles. There is talk (in some quarters) that the Algebrassiere side is the free-er of the two, but such conversation is just a lotta bull! Show us one single non-destroyed form on the Gang Wizard side and we'll gladly eat your hat. Sure, the tools that these young Californians use are "rock" tools, but the stuff they get out of them is purist munge. It varies between accreted noise-form (feedback laced, natch) and the kinda free-plonk that makes hot ducks wiggle from sea to shining sea. And truly, they seem to be introducing some new instruments into the mix as well, although the sonics are too crabby for us to get anything like a firm handle on what the hell it is they're actually doing. Beside pleasing the bejeezus outta listeners, that is. Algebrassiere are from Baltimore and their blow is sweet and weird in a way that almost recalls some of Smegma's early early crudity. Stylish!"(Byron Coley and Thurston Moore, Arthur July 2004) photo via Flickr user welcomepics All Rights Reserved


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