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Gamardah Fungus is the band of two musicians experimentalists from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The musical material of the band is slow, viscous dark ambient, sometimes adjoining dreary, meditative drone and pensive blues-sludge full of despair. You can hear guitar solo, which is lost in the street and factory noise, sparse and distant drum rhythms, that are choking in analog designed synthesizer passage as winds slide in the vaults of the human souls and flirt with subconsciousness. For years of joint activity guitarist Sergey Yagoda and electronician Igor Yalivec have released some fledged albums on the Ukrainian underground labels. The Tibetan monk Tenzin Sambu, the Ukrainian singer songwriter Voida, the American waterphonist and great number of other people and instruments were involved in the work on these albums. Journalists of the German internet edition A Dead Spot Of Light, which is specialized on sludge/drone/metal music, called Gamardah Fungus the unique phenomenon on the Ukrainian scene and made the detailed review of the full discography and devoted one of the New Year’s releases to the band.
 Also, duet has experience in the shooting of the sociocultural project "Nuclear Winter", in cooperating with Ukrainian cult writer Lyubko Deresh and with legends of drone music Canadian duo Nadja.

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