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[FMA_limited] E.P.E_04 by Gallery Six

Album Description

Released:May 31st, 2012


case:Gallery Six


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01.otonowa_from EPV_071

02.hydroscope_from EPV_071

03.moel_from EPV_071

04.otonowa (shadow)_from RMX02 (re:construction)_ remix by ono_from RMX02


Gallery Six

Hidekazu Imashige aka Gallery Six is an artist and composer who lives in Hiroshima, Japan.

He began his career as a musician playing drums in some rock bands, then in 2008 he started making ambient music releasing the "Invisible" EP on Twisted Tree Line (UK), "Element Perspective 071" on Element Perspective (Japan) and some self-released albums.

In 2010 Gallery Six with other Japanese artists have formed the "ArtLism. JP" art group, made up of musician, photographer and film director, met together around the concept of interplay between "Art + Altruism".

Creating fragile ambient textures and experimental sounds based on his thought that "Everything in the world has two faces, so we need to watch them from both sides", his sound combines elements such as beauty and dirty or light and dark. His musical research is aimed at exploring the relationship between the opposite, incorporating a wide range of source materials including field recordings, noises or glitches.  



[FMA_limited] E.P.E_04 by Gallery Six is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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AussieBob on 11/30/13 at 08:41AM
Great compilation but very disappointed with the audio quality. Very bad clipping, especially track 04.
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