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 G.G. Allin's Dick (3 Albums, 15 Tracks)


João Mascarenhas
LOCATION:Porto, Portugal
  • João Mascarenhas
Band Members: João Mascarenhas - Sampling, Programming, Accordion, Keyboards, Electronics, Metallophone, Kazoo, Whistling  Influences: Everything, even bands I hate, movies that made me sleep, books I didn't finish, paintings I don't understand and people that make me sick. About João Mascarenhas://////// Stealing Orchestra ////////- The Incredible Shrinking Band (Zounds 2003)- Stereogamy (Nortesul 2000)- Bu! EP (YANSR 2004)- The Haunted and Almost Lost Songs 97-98 EP (YANSR 2004)- É Português? Não Gosto! EP (YANSR 2001)- Compillations: Calling All Fiends (Oddio Overplay 2006), Saudade: V.A. from Atlantic Coast (M.I.M.I. 2006), Portugal: A New Sound Portrait (Fonoteca Municipal de Lisboa 2005), Bor Land
Can Take You Anywhere You Want (Bor Land 2005), No Noise in Porto Vol.1 (Let's Go To War 2006), Offline 1 (FNAC 2006), Your Imagination (Bor Land 2000), Cais do Rock Vol.4 (Lowfly 2002), PressOn (Nortesul 2000)//////// Dr. Phibes & The Ten Plagues of Egypt ////////- Carmina Burana EP (YANSR 2009)- Music of the Gods Vol. II EP (YANSR 2009)- Music of the Gods Vol. I EP (YANSR 2009)- Compillations: Movie Ruiners (Ego Twister 2009)//////// G.G. Allin's Dick ////////- Grandes Éxitos EP (YANSR 2010)- King of the Road EP (YANSR 2005)//////// The Morlocks ////////- Compillations: No Noise in Porto Vol. II (Let's Go To War 2006)//////// Collaborations ////////- Dr. Frankenstein - The Psychotic Sounds of Dr. Frankenstein - Accordion > 1 track (Zona Música 2004)- Complicado - Haunted - Accordion > 2 tracks (Bor Land 2005)//////// Mixes ////////- Mão Morta, The Legendary Tiger Man, Supernova, Bildmeister, Alla Pollaca, Kubik & Holocausto Canibal//////// Netlabel ////////- Released a lot of albums and EP's, made the covers and shit for a lot of amazing bands: Sta. Apolónia, The Prostitutes, Dr. Frankenstein, Children for Breakfast, Sir Edmund et L'Autre, Vincent Bergeron, I.T.B.A., Worriedaboutsatan, Sparkles, Transmitters, Slipper, Nobody's Bizness, Party People in a Can, The Crevulators, Duo Inmortales, Zoogoo, Someone Else and my own bands Stealing Orchestra, Dr. Phibes & The Ten Plagues of Egypt and G.G. Allin's Dick with my Netlabel: You Are Not Stealing Records - DJing ////////After more than 10 years, I gave up the day someone asked me for Psychedelic Trance after another fucker asked me for Joy Division when I was playing Man or Astroman.//////// Demotapes ////////Fuck that.   source: mySpace profile


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