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Run With It

Album Description

An 8-piece jazz monster assembled in the basement of Ferguson Hall, the University of Minnesota’s district for musical misfits. Performing for the better half of the 2000’s, the group compacted themselves onto small stages, clubs, and party houses throughout the Twin Cities leaving no floor unturned… or clean of spilled
booze. Calling it quits after several years of assembling schedules relative to a divorced Patridge Family, the music lives on in the one album recorded by G8. Consider “Run With It” to be an antiquated artifact of sound, encapsulating the lives of over a dozen musicians having the time of their young lives on stage.



Run With It
01. G8 - Silence is a Coward 00:00:50
02. G8 - Where To? 00:01:22
03. G8 - Social Debt 00:03:49
04. G8 - Something You Can Do 00:03:42
05. G8 - Cup With a Handle 00:06:28
06. G8 - 10:36 pm 00:04:24
07. G8 - Front Porch 00:06:57
09. G8 - From the Basement 00:05:39
10. G8 - Over The Desk 00:03:58
12. G8 - Deero 00:04:40
13. G8 - Burn 00:04:18
14. G8 - Cold Queen 00:03:47
UPLOADED: 01/08/2016
LISTENS: 13421

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