Sleep with me


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Released Aug 18, 2015
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We have sniffed out G. There is nobody out there who could ask any new question that would turn our attention. Our mission is an offshoot of the cuming awakened society, a shot at a passionate fame about the impossibility and absence of something that the human race is searching for, expenditure of a personal budget devoted to a personal preparedness. We exceed the term “search’’ in the strict sense. Directed consideration, on one hand replaces foreboding, on the other hand takes the protection of all cases in the essence of things informed. Our mission must be properly set according to the problems of dysfunction, witch in our time changes rapidly. This requires a critical confrontation with all the ignorance and its concept of the World and with the beginning of rudimentary post-nervousness (seen as collapse). Project G. indicates a dramatic change of the present, witch represents only a kind of transitional period. Moreover, it reads the positive effect of the loss of faith in the legitimacy of the enterprise power and performance in an inquiring challenge.

Genre Rock
ZaphMann Aug 19, 2015

02. Coitus Interruptus (03:56) is not a song you'll forget if you understand English. Don't play on FM though - you'll get banned!

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