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Hey hey birthday song by Furchick

Album Description

Released:December 12th, 2012

WFMU and the Free Music Archive challenged songwriters everywhere to unseat “Happy Birthday to You” from its cultural throne by composing possible replacements.

This entire birthday song repository is licensed Creative Commons Attribution, including our winning songs.

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Track Info


This was an attempt to create a song that doesn't fit any particular genre, easy to sing for boys, girls, men, women, easy lyrics, repetitive like the existing birthday song, and relevant to a group sing... I recorded as though it was a group of people singing and a bit out of time with each other... like is often the case at a birthday song sing. 

Furchick (Claire Pannell) currently resides in Perth, Australia. She is a prolific DIY noise-art maker, who incorporates science into her creations.

She takes her sounds from the natural vibrations created from everyday objects. Some of her past projects include playing with the Laundry Room Squelchers (USA) at the International Noise Conference in Sydney and Melbourne, playing drums in Gerard Cosloy’s improv noise project Air Traffic Controllers in NYC and jam bands including Sexy Band with Chris Cobilis in Perth, The Armaround with Tom Greenwood and the Crawley Creeps with Josh Diamond of Gang Gang Dance in the USA. She has performed at Sound Summit in Newcastle and is touring New Zealand in January. She is included on several on-line album projects for New Weird Australia and the upcoming Ladyz in Noize CD.


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Hey hey birthday song by Furchick is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


AppleBerry Blues on 10/03/16 at 04:08AM
Hi Furchick, just wanted to let you know that I made a fan video for your Hey Hey Birthday song that can be found here:
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