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FunkstorungSet by Funkstorung

Album Description

  Funkstorung have been making melodic yet gritty electronic beats since the early nineties. Shortly after releasing their debut EPs, Funkstorungjumped into the spotlight with their remixes of Wu Tang Clan and Bjork. Their first full length artist album, "Appetite for Disctruction" followed on K7 Records. Their record label, Music Aus
Strom, has featured releases by artists such as Freeform and Crunch. This short set from Michael Fakesch and Chris de Luca was recorded at the Tribeca Grand Hotel this past June. Their set was apparently too hot for the hotel because just as the Funkstorung brothers were really getting into it, a disgruntled hotel employee pulled the plug on the show. The set showcases Funkstorung's ill digitized take on thick crunchy hip hop beats. This set, performed by Michael and Chris on a pair of laptops and Kaoss pads. has a more beat heavy, viceral vibe than their latest album on K7 Records, Disconnected.



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