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Robbie Avenaim and Lloyd Honeybrook are Fucked. In every sense of the word. The two have been playing together in various forms for half a decade, but with both exploring the sheer extremities of their respective instruments - Robbie with his mechanical kick-drum pedals and Lloyd with his feedback sax - this duo is undoubtedly the most fucked thing they've done. Sonically somewhere between Borbetomagus, Napalm Death demos and your unfavourite noisecore band, but so much more antagonistic. These guys take 1600 bpm bass drum blastbeats and hideously loud saxophony to exactly where you would expect it: pure fuckedness. Fresh off their Japan tour where they collaborated with the likes of Optron (Atsuhiro Ito) and Shoji Hano (High Rise), and shared stages with Corrupted, Lasse Marhaug, Otomo Yoshihide and other purveyors of brutality, the two are pushing themselves even harder to levels of devastation. First Sydney show!

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