Fuck Buddies

S├ębastien is a songwriter. He used to be 29.

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Swim EP 2012 - Album
Sebastien Duclos' last (?) Fuck Buddies release, four songs recorded over the past three years. It's about death, doubt, friends…



looprock Jun 01, 2011

Hey, just wanted to let you know I think you're great and have included you in a mix I put up on: vocoid.com (http://vocoid.blogspot.com/2011/05/creatively-uncommon-volume-2.html)

Markytron Sep 29, 2010

I really love the songs Sebastien performs! Great music, it's super cute and well written. Plus I am majorly boy crushing on Sebastien!!!!

NartraRadioRoma May 06, 2010

PODCAST#30 www.nartraradioroma.blogspot.com 01_Guidance Counselor - bad love 02_Goto80 - spill 03_Vicnet - sms 04_JJM - nihilist 05_Vulvina et Jambonstar - phtysie 06_Mattress - Survive 07_Charlie Pickett - all love all gone 08_El Jugador - beer bottle blues 09_Diablo Swing Orchestra...