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Scatter the Rosebuds by Frozen Geese

Album Description

An excerpt of a silly, freeflowing summation of The Starseed by Mark at  Losing Today Magazine: Erase any previous notions of what you thought they were about for this arrives at the point of a clean slate and from therein seeks to mess with your head. Like some recently unearthed
melodic time capsule from the early 70’s that quietly appeared and disappeared just as fast on the Vertigo imprint Frozen Geese embark on a head tripping odyssey upon whose journey takes you to the dark heart of the cosmos, a kind of one stop shop where along the way the ley lines between kraut, psych, stoner blues, prog, space and hauntology are joined, twisted and blurred and by the application of loose limbed bearded improvs, vocoders, flea market sourced analogue synths, reverbs, tape manipulations, wah wah’s and other feedback stewing pedal effects a cranium crunching cosmic opera unfolds. ...guess the album had a considerable effect on the ol' chap.  



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