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 Freakwater (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


  • Janet Beveridge Bean - vocals, guitar
  • Catherine Irwin - vocals, guitar, banjo
  • David Wayne Gay - bass
  • Morgan Geer - guitar, vocals
  • Anna Krippenstapel - violin
  • Neal Argabright - drums
Freakwater is propelled by what has been called "acerbic harmonies", a wrenching but wonderful sound that goes straight back to Sara and Maybelle Carter's original prescription: Keep it plaintive, rough, and real. (The pleasure of listening to Catherine & Janet sing is sort of like the pleasure that can be
taken from from weeping.) Lyrically, however, Freakwater departs from the morality & themes of traditional country music. Though they may have excommunicated themselves from country's songbooks, Freakwater's work still has plenty of appeal to anybody who's suffered or has a large axe to grind; that is, most everybody. (