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The World Around You by Frau Holle

Album Description

Released:July 14th, 2017
Producer: Frau Holle

In our feature release for Netlabel Day 2017, Frau Holle presents his debut at Toucan Music with ten inspiring instrumental electronica tracks combining the sounds of 21st Century chilled trance and house music with classic analog synthesizer music from the 1970s and 1980s.

Ascending Souls introduces Holle's sound, featuring bleepy arpeggios, haunting pads and warm, uplifting chords. The tempo drops for the two part Quasar, a chilled yet atmospheric piece retaining the uplifting melodies of Holle's signature sound. Increasing the pace, Big Rip and Propaganda Machine introduce stuttering trance gates and house rhythms, the latter starting with a darker, more intense vibe with classic analog synth riffs building in towards the end.

Chasing Rainbows brings back the haunting melodies with beautiful pads, adding punchy electro beats. With a slightly darker groove, The World Around You is slower paced and begins with continually shifting acidic riffs and evolving beats, building up with trance pads into an uplifting and atmospheric vibe. Continuing the downtempo theme, Sweet Passage starts with an acidic bassline, tribal rhythms and haunting pads with a slightly sinister edge. The rhythms and pads build before a piercing synth riff hits halfway through the track. Electric Charge features a strong beat with acoustic influences and runs with mellow synth chords.

The album concludes with Discharge, a chilled, mellow and uplifting piece, ideal for relaxation and reflection, bringing together the signature elements of Holle's sound for one last time - subtle arpeggio rhythms, warm synth melodies and atmospheric pads.

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The World Around You by Frau Holle is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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PUBLISHER: Toucan Music


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